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    60 hours (2.5 days) in real life is equal to 1 month in Football Titan. 1 month in real life is 1 season of Football TItan.


    In Football Titan, one football season is started at 1st day and end at the 28th day of any month. Example: start at 1st May 00:00 and end at 28th May 23:59.


    You set your own objectives, but the general rules are win every match that you play and top the league..!!


    Leagues in Football Titan is based on the networth. There are 3 leagues in Football Titan. Titan League contains the teams with biggest networth, while Mortal League for teams with smallest networth. However, bigger doesn't mean stronger.


    Every Player and Team has a spesific value called as Networth. Networth gives a rough image of how strong a player/team is. Networth is used in defining the league of a team and in setting a match.

    Setting A Match

    Go to the universe > play a match, as Football Titan can set you a match with another team with roughly same networth. Be alert, you need to set the tactic before go into the match, or your team will be represented by the dummy player.

    Tactic Room

    In your tactic room, you can set the tactic for forthcoming match. Click on the box before every player name and set their position.

    Match Quota

    At every beginning of the season you are given 2 matches at first, then every 12 hours you are given one quota match. In one season every team will get equally 58 matches. Used all this matches quota to top the table.

    Time Out (in match)

    In a match you will be given a spesific number of time out quota. This time out is used to change the tactical setting or to conduct a player substitution.

    Cash Bonus

    Football Titan gives cash bonus to every team, just visit the manager > setting and take a look at the 'cash bonus' section.

    If there's anything that you would like to ask, don't hesitate to see the forum.

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